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Ride the Rockies


FitTrip elevates your workout and makes it an adventure by synchronizing real course video with your heart rate.



With a heart rate monitor and 5 minutes on a treadmill FitTrip has the unique ability to predict the speed you would be going for any sport and any terrain. So you're not watching video, you're interacting with a trail at the speed that you would be going if you were there in person.



With FitTrip your stats are tracked automatically. Important stats like your fitness level, how often you are working out, the intensity of your sessions, and your consistency. How many miles have you run? Calories burned? Continents visited? It's all here for you.



Your friends are part of how you celebrate your victories. They are also the ones to give the occasional and much-needed kick in the butt when you slack off. FitTrip helps bring your friends into your fitness routine even when they can't be at the gym with you.

how it works


Visually and physically experience hikes, runs, and rides worthy of a bucket list. FitTrip transforms your time at the gym into adventure travel. Here's how:

Choose Your Adventure

1. Choose your adventure

Want to ride in the French Alps? Climb in Patagonia? Run on the sandy beaches of Cozumel? We've got you covered. FitTrip takes your workout to locations all over the world; so you can run, bike, row, or try a new sport in an exotic destination. Check out our trips gallery!

Put your heart in it

2. Put your heart in it

A heart rate monitor really unlocks the power of your FitTrip experience and makes your workout interactive. By connecting FitTrip to your heart, you're free to use any machine for any workout. Need some gear?

Enjoy the trip

3. Enjoy the trip

Through our patent-pending bio-feedback process, FitTrip uses your heart rate to determine your real-world speed on the course. Push harder, and you'll go faster; it's that simple. Get started now!


Your bucket list over your lunch hour.

Visit all of your favorite destinations around the world. Explore exotic locations through vivid, HD-quality video. Browse through our course library below:

  • Bolder Boulder

    Bolder Boulder

    Boulder, CO

  • Boulder Reservoir

    Boulder Reservoir

    Boulder, CO

  • Col d'Aspin

    Col d'Aspin


  • Cozumel



  • Delicate Arch

    Delicate Arch

    Moab, UT

  • Patagonia Fitzroy

    Patagonia Fitzroy


  • Morgul Bismark

    Morgul Bismark

    Boulder, CO

  • Ogden Dunes

    Ogden Dunes

    Ogden Dunes, IN

  • Red Rocks

    Red Rocks

    Jefferson County, CO

  • Ride the Rockies

    Ride the Rockies


  • St. Croix

    St. Croix


  • Zion

    Zion National Park



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gear compatibility

Gear up and get started!

Mio Alpha Sports Watch

Mio's strapless, continuous performance heart rate monitor you wear on your wrist.

Mio Alpha
iPad 3
iPad 4
iPad Mini

Garmin ANT+ Strap

Garmin's ANT+ powered heart rate strap that connects to your iPad wirelessly through an ANT+ dongle.

Wahoo BlueHR
iPad 2
iPad 3

Wahoo ANT+ Strap

Wahoo's ANT+ powered heart rate strap that connects to your iPad wirelessly through an ANT+ dongle.

Wahoo BlueHR
iPad 2
iPad 3

Wahoo BlueHR Strap

Wahoo's Bluetooth-powered heart rate strap that connects wirelessly to your iPad.

Wahoo BlueHR
iPad 3
iPad 4
iPad Mini

Visit the FitTrip Store to purchase these heart rate monitors and more.

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